Friday, October 2, 2015

First Meeting of the 2015/2016 Year

OCTOBER 8, 2015 2-3PM 

Shiloh Road Church of Christ

We have a new name. We have a new format. We have a new meeting time. Now all we need is you!

Look around! Assess the situation!
The TACHE Health and Safety Club (formerly Red Cross Club of TACHE) kicks off its new year with a CPR demonstration by Randy Plaza! If you haven’t experienced CPR with Randy, you are in for a treat. If you have, I guess you are already planning to attend Thursday. ~grin~   Randy’s excitement and simple, fun approach make his demonstration accessible for children of all ages.

YOU!! Call 9-1-1

This month’s theme is CPR and First Aid. After the CPR demonstration, we will offer a ‘Make It, Take It’ project, a ‘Try It’ experience, and some Take Home materials. Allergy safe snacks will be available and a door prize is offered.

Staying Alive! Staying Alive!

Join us from 2-3 pm at Shiloh Road Church of Christ, Thursday, October 8.

We will meet in the main building, so please look for signs to direct you to the correct room.
Moms vs. Kids! 
Kids vs. Moms!

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